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Professional Website Design

How your business presents itself says a lot of about who your company is as well as the quality of services and products that customers might expect from it. When customers are searching for products or services online, how your website looks, how it is structured and how it functions can determine whether you make a sale or not. Even with businesses that don't sell products online, customers often times feel more confident with your business when it's website is easily found, well structured and provides them with the right information (i.e. where to find your brick-and-mortar storefront).

What makes a website "good"?

There are many uses for a website. Graphic designers and artists use websites as digital portfolios and galleries to showcase their work. Restaurants often use them to showcase their menu and provide location information or ordering opportunities in the case of a restaurant that also delivers. Whatever your business type or industry, your website should exist as a marketing tool to drive leads and/or conversions. Whether your idea of a conversion is to bring more foot traffic into your brick-and-mortar business, having a user give you their email address for a monthly newsletter or to have a customer make purchases online, if your website is not fulfilling your business needs and resulting in a positive ROI then it is not much more than a line item on your monthly costs spreadsheet.

How accessible is your website?

Does your website look good on your computer? What about on your iPhone 5? And the iPhone 4? What about that user's iPad 2 or the other guy's Android Phone or his Kindle Fire? In 2013, it's not only necessary now to have a strong digital presence but it's more important now than ever before to have a website that works no matter what size screen or device a user is visiting with. Responsive design is a relatively new concept where a website is designed and developed to offer customers the best experience possible no matter what device they're on - be it an iPhone 3, a 60" TV in their living room or any screen in between.

How accessible is your website to the seeing impaired? It's important to make sure that your website is optimized for those users that are impaired as well.

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