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Social Media Management

With social media websites like Facebook and Twitter enabling users to connect with not just each other but also with businesses and brands, it's becoming more and more important to make sure that your business is connected, too. Often times, there are conversations taking place about our businesses, brands, or our industries and whether we participate in them or not, they will take place and continue to do so.

It used to be that brands had to push their information into the hands of consumers, however, with the advent of the social web it is becoming much more common for brands to have their information pulled by the consumers who are actively engaging with the brands. The result of this is a need for brands to be more transparent with consumers lest they take a hit in the sales department.

Do I need to have a Facebook page?

The answer is a maybe. It depends on who your customers are and where they socialize on the web. If your business caters to other businesses and professional clientele then LinkedIn may be a better choice than Twitter. Then again if you're trying to reach out to the younger demographics, Twitter and Facebook would be better candidates for you than LinkedIn. The key is to know where your target consumer is socializing and be there.

Why is it so important to participate in social media?

First and foremost, a most individuals participate in social media to one extent or another. Most importantly though, in terms of brand reliability and quality, consumers are more likely to trust the word of "individuals like them" over any PR, advertising or marketing efforts. Because of this, the more a brand can interact with consumers and be open with them, the better the brand will appear in the eyes of the consumer's peers.

What if our brand gets negative feedback? Wouldn't that be worse than doing nothing at all?

Not at all. What's bad is when you receive negative feedback and do nothing about it or worse, start an argument. Even negative feedback can be good. Crazy, right? Negative feedback offers yet another opportunity to engage with your customers and show that while a product may not be perfect, you care and you made amends. Not only can you save that client from buying elsewhere next time, you can turn the negative feedback into positive feedback and potentially gain more customers in the long run.

Who has the time to keep an eye on our online presence?

We do! In fact we can manage all or just part of it depending on your business' needs. For more information or to get started, give us a call at 304-348-3025.

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