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Search Engine Marketing

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to know when someone was looking for your products/services so that you could position yourself in front of them? Well, there is and it's called Search Engine Marketing (SEM)! ComScore reports that in August 2013 alone, over 19 billion searches took place on the major internet search engines with Google sites being responsible for over 66% of the searches. Because of how easy it is to access information today, consumers are searching the internet for product information, retail locations, and consumer reviews when they're considering making a purchase.

How SEM Works

Let's say that a person wants to have a pizza delivered but they haven't decided where they would like the pizza from, they might type into Google or Bing something like "pizza delivery Charleston WV" and what they'll get is a list of links that direct them to any number of business profiles or to company websites. With SEM campaigns, you can target these users the moment they search with an ad promoting your new pizza special for that evening like Pizza Hut and Dominos have done in the graphic below.

Screen shot of Google results of 'Pizza Delivery Charleston WV'

Highly Targeted Campaigns

One of the greatest aspects of an SEM campaign is the ability to target your advertisements to only the users that are most likely to convert. For instance, your pizza restaurant may not have locations in the city 20 miles away so why not target your campaign to only show ads to users who are searching from within a few miles of your restaurant? You can do that with an SEM campaign! If your ideal customer is a male, ages 18-34 within 5 miles of your restaurant you can make sure your ad is only shown to candidates that meet that criteria and are also actively searching for your services!

Perhaps you've also noticed that your pizza parlor receives the most delivery business after 5pm Wednesday - Sunday night and substantially less on Mondays and Tuesdays, why not boost your campaign over those hours when more people are looking for your services? You can do that!

How much does an SEM campaign cost?

They're surprisingly affordable! Because of the nature of the search networks, SEM campaigns are run on a "pay-per-click" model which means that if your ad is shown to 200,000 people and only one person clicked your ad, you're only paying for that one click, the rest was free! SEM campaigns also typically have a substantially higher Click-Through-Rate than a typical display advertisement because of how highly targeted they are and because the user is already searching for your products/services.

So how do I get started with SEM?

Search Engine Marketing can be an invaluable aspect of your marketing efforts and sales funnel. Give us a call at 304-348-3025, we'll be happy to discuss your business and your needs with you to see if an SEM campaign is right for your business.

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