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Retargeting Display Campaigns

Retargeting Display Campaigns can be an extremely useful tool in increasing your website's return traffic as well as it's conversions. Retargeting works like this:

  1. A user visits a page on a website, lets say the "car batteries" section on an eCommerce website.
  2. If the user makes a purchase, great! If they don't then they get added to a retargeting audience list making them candidates to see the retargeting ads.
  3. When the user visits other websites, the user can be presented with ads from the original website, particularly ads related to "car batteries" which when clicked, bring them back to that section of the original website.
  4. When the user completes the desired conversion - in this case purchasing a car battery online - they are removed from the retargeting audience list.

Because of their ability to target those users who have "raised their hand", these ads can be very useful in keeping your products/services in your customers' minds through the buying cycle.

Interested in seeing what a retargeting campaign can do for you?

Retargeting isn't for every business and it's effectiveness can depends on the nature of your business and the buying cycles of your products. Give us a call at 304-348-3025 and lets find out if retargeting campaigns could help your business grow!

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