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E-Mail Marketing and Newsletters

While there is still plenty to be said about how direct mail marketing efforts can increase your business' sales, there is a lot more that can be said about e-mail marketing. With physical direct mail marketing, a company would have to have creatives designed, have them revised, get a test run printed, order the entire run to be printed, cut, stuffed into envelopes and mailed out with prepaid postage. This can takes days or even weeks for all of this to take place and that doesn't even include the time for the letters to travel via post. With e-mail marketing a lot of that changes.

How can e-mail marketing save time and money?

Simple really! Because there is no need to have thousands upon thousands of copies of your ads printed and distributed, materials costs are almost non-existent making e-mail a very affordable form of mass marketing on nearly any budget. That's how it e-mail marketing saves you money, but what about time?

What makes e-mail marketing truly great is how quickly your business' can spread the word about it's upcoming sale or it's new line of products. Within a few hours, an e-blast can be designed, built and mailed directly to hundreds of thousands of potential customers! Because of this and because of how affordable e-mail marketing is, a business can promote their huge 'doorbuster' sale multiple times in the weeks leading up to the sale and during the sale. Take Men's Warehouse for example, they use e-mail marketing to announce every major sale before it happens and even while they're going on to remind customers that there are only X number of days before the sale ends. This simply couldn't be done effectively or affordable with print direct mail.

Make knowledgeable decisions based on analytics

While saving time and money are both fantastic things, the real benefit to e-mail marketing is the data that you get back even just moments after sending your e-blast. Whether your email bounces at a full inbox or is opened, read and clicked on, you will know it within just a few minutes! Take a look at the statistics in the screen capture below:

Screen capture of general statistics for an e-blast
Screen capture of link tracking statistics for an e-blast

Not only can you see how many users are interacting with your e-blast, but you can see what elements in the design caught their attention and enticed the user to take action.

A/B split testing

Another added benefit is the ability to split your mailing list into smaller segments and send slightly varying messages to each group. Doing this allows you to decide what message or offers work the best with the users in your mailing list. This is extremely useful when sending out monthly newsletters to your customer or subscriber base.

Reoccurring Newsletters

E-mail marketing also lets you stay in contact with your most loyal followers by keeping them notified of major changes to your product line up, new store locations, additional services or upcoming sales in the form of monthly newsletters. Styled consistently with your website, these can extremely useful and powerful.

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